Cube Modular has the knowledge and expertise to create safe, practical and high quality, caring environments for any healthcare facility.

Through numerous completed projects, we have become accustomed to the demanding nature and stern requirements of these buildings, our systems are easy to maintain and even easier to clean.

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Our Modular spaces are perfect for all your health spacing needs

Clinic & First Aid


Admin Offices


Training Facilities


Maintenance of Buildings


Security Buildings


Featured Projects

Swaziland Clinic

Cube Modular supplied and installed a small clinic building for Afritool in Swaziland 2017.

Komoto Copper Company Occupational Healthcare Center 

Cube Modular was appointed by Kamoto Copper Company in 2017 to supply and assemble a fully functional Occupational Health Facility.

Komoto Copper Company Emergency Response Building

Komoto Copper Company in the Congo, Democratic Republic appointed Cube Modular in 2018 to erect a large Emergency Response Building which included facilities such as recovery rooms, medical procedure rooms, x-ray rooms, medical waste stores, dispensaries and consultation rooms.

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