Building Systems

Our building systems are manufactured off-site and can be transported to the project site anywhere in Sub-Saharan Africa.

We are able to drastically minimize onsite time, costs, waste and
traffic as building components are simply assembled and installed
onsite. This unique manner of creating space, allow you to erect
buildings in remote areas where skills and resources are scarce .

SM 8

The SiteMajor, prefabricated building
system was developed as an alternative to
traditional brick and mortar buildings to
reduce the time and resources required for
onsite installation.

Quick assembly time Less resources required
Low cost Customisable designs
Durable and Reliable Structures Safer method of construction
TP 4

Transpac, flatpack container system is a
modular, relocatable structure where units
are linked to one another, either vertical or
horizontal to create unique modular

Relocatable Fast construction
Stackable No need for skilled labour
Less transportation Durable and low maintenance
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