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Are Africa’s Mines Camp Infrastructure Ready for Social Distancing?

With 10.1M confirmed cases worldwide and over half a million deaths, with both these numbers rising at an alarming rate,  many economies have had no choice but start easing their lock down restrictions to avoid economic collapse and start the gradual opening up of their economies. On the African continent, a continent rich in natural resources, mining is often the life blood to many of its countries’ economies, with the industry simply not being able to remain closed. For this reason, governments across Africa are allowing mining activities to continue under strict social distancing regulations.

Current Challenges:

This will not be easy to implement with nature of the industry and having supplied remote camp infrastructure to mines throughout sub-Saharan Africa I know that accommodation and work spaces will be a particular challenge to mine owners.

Many of the current facilities do not cater for social distancing and in the event of an outbreak, the medical facilities were never designed to cope with a pandemic. This is of particular concern in remote locations where the nearest medical facilities are sometimes 100’s of miles away.

For mines to keep up production the situation needs to be carefully managed and the issues around accommodation, work and medical facilities needs to be addressed and in record time.

With the rapid spread of the virus traditional brick and mortar solutions will simply take too long to deliver on the additional infrastructure requirements.

What is the Solution?

Over the past few months, myself and our team of modular building professionals at Cube Modular have been working in conjunction with medical experts and various governments through-out the continent to come up with modular building solutions for rapid deployment of both hospitals and additional accommodation designed to promote social distancing and facilitate quarantine practices.

Our modular solutions are up to 70% faster to delivery than traditional brick and mortar and with our experience in delivering projects to the most remote locations in Africa we are ready to assist.

To book an online consultation please email your request to Take a look at some of our prefabricated and modular building systems here:

Below are some of our design layouts:

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