Reasons to choose Prefab & Modular Buildings

Why brick and mortar buildings are not the answer.

When in the process of developing a mine or infrastructure project that’s in need of a workforce camp or other facility buildings, the typical consideration is that of traditional brick and mortar buildings. In many occasions this is because the engineering Firm or architectural firm that designs these buildings do so using the traditional Brick & Mortar.

Here are 10 reasons why you shouldn’t use traditional brick and mortar when constructing your site facilities in remote locations:

1. Faster Construction

Prefabricated and Modular Buildings can reduce your construction time by up to 50% when compared to traditional brick and mortar Construction, this will allow your project to commence faster. With majority of projects running over the time frame, the simple construction of site facilities shouldn’t be one of the reasons your overall project gets delayed. Modular and prefabricated buildings are the solution to projects with strict time constraints.

2. Less People onsite

Prefabricated and Modular building systems require up to 90% less people for onsite installation. This is because these building systems are merely assembled onsite, the components are factory made and designed to easily fit together, therefore requiring less labor.

3. Reduced onsite waste

Building components are designed, manufactured and delivered in such a manner that it allows for a 95% less material wastage on site when compared to your traditional construction methods. Since the assembly only takes place onsite the overall material wastage is kept to a minimum, allowing cost efficiency as well as a reduction in environmental pollution.

4. Less Defects and high-quality finish

Building components are manufactured in a strict quality-controlled environment and undergo numerous checks before being dispatched to site. This production process eliminates the possibility of material defects and ensures a high-quality finish.

5. Lower Cost

As building components are pre-engineered and designed to have a specific function, the material transportation to the site is reduced as well as onsite labor, plus material waste is kept to a minimum. Making Prefabricated and Modular building relatively cost-efficient saving around 25-50% in costs compared to traditional brick and mortar buildings.

6. Health and safety

As previously mentioned, Prefabricated and Modular buildings require less onsite labor and physical activity creating less opportunities for health and safety incidents.

7. Less hassle

As a Prefabricated and Modular building company we provided our clients with all architectural and engineering designs, saving not only money, but time as well. Because we design the buildings and erect the buildings any communication errors or misunderstandings between designers and contractors are eliminated. We are accustomed to working in remote locations, relieving you of the hassle to find creditable local contractors.

8. Easy demobilization and demolishing

Upon overall project completion, the challenge of demobilizing or relocating buildings arise. By using Prefabricated and Modular systems, buildings can easily be dismantled or relocated, allowing you to commence with the rehabilitation of the area. The cost of demolishing brick and mortar buildings on the other hand, is extremely expensive and poses significant health and safety risks.

9. Environmentally friendly

Due to the reduction of onsite waste and labor, site pollution is kept to a minimum including onsite traffic and noise which is virtually non-existent. Being able to dismantle or relocate buildings for site restoration, ads to the echo friendliness off these systems. Furthermore, Prefabricated and Modular buildings require up to 90% less in transportation, when delivering material to the site as opposed to brick and mortar buildings, where contractors typically receive material onsite every day, adding to increased vehicle emissions.

10. Low Maintenance

Prefabricated and Modular wall panels require little maintenance, beyond the occasional surface cleaning.  This eliminates the cost and hassle of repainting buildings every few years as well as other maintenance aspects associated with conventional brick and mortar construction.

These are the top reasons to choose modular and prefabricated buildings.

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