Flat Pack Containers to be Manufactured in South Africa

Best alternative to Convert Containers, 100% South African Manufactured

Introducing the Transpaq, a locally manufactured Flat Pack Container system. It has taken us 3 years to get to this point and we are the finally on the verge of offering Flat Pack Containers to the market that are 100% locally manufactured. It is important to keep in consideration that we have made a significant effort to abolish the tarnished reputation that Flat Pack Containers have in the industry as being cheap and unreliable. This has been accomplished by using only top-quality materials and through innovative design and testing. We can guarantee that the Transpaq Flat Pack Container is a far superior product to what you have seen in the past.

By sourcing and manufacturing locally we are able to start delivery of Transpaq’s within 2 weeks, if we didn’t already have stock.
Our current production capability is 25 complete Transpaq’s per week. This however can be increased to meet client demands.
Because we manufacture locally, we can customise your Flat Pack Container to your needs and specifications. We can even make Flat Pack Containers in 3 meters wide and even up to 12 meters long.

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