The Difference between Modular and Prefabricated Buildings

Modular Vs Prefabricated Buildings – What’s the difference?

I often come across companies in South Africa, advertising Modular Buildings as Prefabricated Buildings and Prefabricated Buildings as Modular Buildings. Yes, I know it’s confusing, but that’s because a lot of Companies that sell Prefabricated & Modular Buildings themselves don’t know the difference between the two.

So therefore, I would like to set the record straight and attempt to explain the difference between Modular Buildings & Prefabricated Buildings.Just think about this, after reading this article you will know more about the differences between Prefabricated Buildings and Modular Buildings than what the companies that make and sell them do.

Let’s Start:

Modular Buildings:

  1. Modular Buildings are generally six sided boxes called Modules, they can be joined side by side or on top of each other. The Modular buildings should have a Roof, Floor, Walls etc. These Modules are constructed in a factory to various levels of completion from Basic Modules to completely fitted rooms that are fully functional.
  2. These Modules are then transported to site and lifted into place by a crane, and joined together or stacked on top of one other in order to make a Complex Building, which can come in a wide variety of configurations and styles.

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In the pictures above you can see the Modules being produced in the factory and in the image on the bottom left the modules are being installed and put into place using a crane.

So, remember a Modular Building, is a 6-sided Box, which is made in a factory and installed onsite and in place.

So, then what are Prefabricated Buildings then:

A prefabricated building is informally known as “prefab buildings”, these are buildings that are manufactured and constructed using building components that are Prefabricated in a factory to various levels of completion but are then transported to site and assembled on-site to form the completed building.

Prefabricated Buildings should be Pre-engineered & Designed to a high level and they should also come with Assembly Drawings or instructions. The Prefabricated Buildings are made from Prefabricated Components such as walling, roofs, etc. This allows for Rapid Assembly onsite because most of the components should fit together smoothly as they were engineered to fit together in such a way. Another point about the Prefabricated Buildings are that they can be dismantled and moved to another site.

Below are a few pictures of a previous Prefabricated Buildings that we “Cube Modular” Produced

This picture represents how the Walls are Installed onto a concrete foundation first.
The picture above shows how the Roof Trusses are installed onsite
The picture above illustrates a completed Prefabricated Building. The time required for installation of this completed Prefabricated Building is 3 weeks.

Therefor it is quite simple, Prefabricated Buildings are very different to Modular buildings. But then why is it that so many of the companies that sell these do not actually know what they are selling ? The answer well I will leave it up to you to make for yourself.

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