Prefabricated or Modular Building System?

Know which system is the best solution for your project.

Knowing when to choose prefabricated buildings or when to go with modular buildings

With so many different Prefabricated & Modular Building Systems around, it can be quite confusing to know which option is better suited for your Project.
It is due to this confusion that I felt as though I would explain which Prefabricated or Modular Building System provides the best solution for your project. I have based this explanation on a scenario form a Mining Project which will help both the mine owners, EPCM companies as well as contractors.
Mine owners, EPCM Companies and contractors
When a mine is expanding its operations or building a new mine, which is in a remote location. There will inevitably be a need for accommodating mining staff, engineering consultants and contractor employees.
There are a few options to consider from here such as:
A Mine Village for Permanent Mine Staff
This is typically for the permanent staff of the mine, which will be a place of living for the miners and is it is usually separate from the contractors camp.
A Contractors Camp for the Project
A contractors camp is typically used for a shorter duration of time, typically not for longer than a period of 5 years, as this camp will only hold the contractors.
A Combined Mine Village with a portion for the Contractors
This option is typical for very remote mines or area’s that are hard to reach, as there is a reduction in the amount of resources that are required to operate two different camps. This can be a good option to consider if you are looking to reduce the project establishing costs.
The mine owners will have to look at either establishing a new mine village or expanding an existing mine village, that will be able to accommodate all the mining staff.
This typically will consist of:

  • Accommodation Buildings
  • Houses for Senior Staff
  • Kitchen & Canteens
  • Clinics
  • Gyms & Recreation Buildings

When to choose what

Long Term Requirement

10 years plus life of mine and NO requirement to move buildings

If the mine has a long life span, say over 10 + years, and there is permanent staff who are needed to be housed by the mine then my suggestion would be to go with our SiteMajor Prefabricated Building system which can either be placed on a concrete slab or on a steel sub-floor system.The SiteMajor Prefabricated Building System has a life span of over 20 years. The building can also be dismantled if the mine does not extend its life and the rehabilitation of the mine is required.The buildings can be dismantled, and the steel components can be recycled. These components however are not easy to relocate to another site.The SiteMajor Prefabricated Building System offers a higher level of comfort and less restrictions in terms of design parameters and they have the look of a “Traditional Building” by using roof trusses and sandwich panels for walls.So, if you don’t require the Buildings to be Relocatable and need them to be on a site for 10 years or longer then I suggest in using the SiteMajor as it would be the best option to choose.

Short Term Requirement

Project with 1-10 years span, with the requirement to relocate buildings 

When Constructing a contractors camp or a Building for a short duration of time between 1 and 10 years and you would like the option of being able to relocate buildings from one project to another project or site.Then I would suggest the Transpac Flat Pack Container System as it gives you the ability to relocate buildings from one project to another as it is easy to scale the capacity when required.This is a great option for contractors who must provide their own camp as the Transpac Flat Pack Container Systemallows for you to invest in the buildings once and then to be able to relocate the camp to other projects when required.Mine Owners and EPCM Companies should consider this option as it great for providing facilities for contractors for a project that have a short life span as it and can easily be moved between projects when required.

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